Weather Blog

Welcome to our new weather blog!

Everyone talks about the weather. So why not 'blog' about it?

Welcome to the launch of's weather blog. I'll be at the helm of this little adventure that promises a daily light-hearted look at a wide range of weather-related topics.

I'll primarily focus on the Pacific Northwest, since the weather that matters most to you is what's over your head, but we'll also touch on national and international weather-related topics du jour, with perhaps some other sciences like astronomy or geology or seismology tossed in for good measure. But we'll also have plenty of fun here. If you've read our online weather forecasts, you know I'm a nut for neat weather statistics.  I'm also a big fan of weather photography and I plan on highlighting some of our fantastic weather photos viewers have e-mailed in. So get those cameras out there and submit them to our YouNews weather section.

So think of it as a smorgasbord of all things weather, and this is just the first step in many ideas we have for expanding our weather web site, so check back often. But above all, we hope that you can have a little fun and learn about our crazy weather in the meantime.