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Ashtray, anyone?

Take a look at this photo snapped by NASA satellites on May 10 of the eruption of the Chaiten Volcano, which erupted in Chile over 10 days ago, covering sending a plume of ash miles high.

Upper level winds have carried ash thousands of miles away, while areas immediately to the east of the volcano were covered in as much as 5 feet of the gray stuff.  You can see those area as the pale gray color to the east of the plume. And here is what the ash looks like on the ground:

Those that were around here 28 years ago probably remember this quite vividly as we are approaching the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption.

You can download a larger version of the satellite photo above from NASA's Earth Observatory gallery.
That's a great place to go for peeking in on major events around the planet, and I'll be using it as a source for future blog entries. Here is the link to the main site