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Seattle weather: Where normal is rarely the norm

Seattle weather: Where normal is rarely the norm
Has the weather seemed a bit crazy of late? Feel like summer is in a constant battle with winter (with winter mostly winning until late) and spring has been the big loser?

You might be right.

I just went back and checked some temperature statistics, starting with the late March cold snap the weekend of the 22nd.  Believe it or not, in the 59 days since, it has been within two degrees of our normal high temperature just nine times -- April 10, 13, 16, 17, 22, and 25, plus May 2, 9 and 14.

It's been really crazy on Saturdays, which have been real feast-or-famine.

Here is a look at the Saturdays during that period:

May 17: Sunny and 90
May 10: Rainy and 60
May 3: Rainy and 51
April 26: Sunny and 67
April 19: Snowing and 45
April 12: Sunny and 79
April 5: Raining and 50
March 29: Snowing and 45
March 23: Sunny and 59

That averages out to about 60.7 degrees. Average high for that period would be about 58.2 but last Saturday's heat wave really monkey-wrenched that statistic.

And now, here comes Memorial Day weekend, traditionally fraught with rain and drenched music lovers at the Folklife Festival?

In a spring that has had snow twice since mid March and the earliest 90 degree high temperature on record in May, what do you suppose the first big three-day weekend would protend?

Well, actually, all three days look partly to mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the low-mid 70s.

Could that might end up being the most shocking weather event of the year so far? :)