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It's a cool, cool summer?

It's a cool, cool summer?
Photo By: Jamie Mun
The last 10 weeks have been generally below normal for temperatures, and in looking ahead, climate forecasters say keep those jackets handy.

March ended up 2.7 degrees colder than normal at Seattle, while April ended up 3.2 degrees below normal -- in the Top 10 coldest Aprils at Sea-Tac Airport.

Technically, we got some respite in May, which ended up a touch above normal, but those numbers were skewed by our big four day heat wave where we reached the 80s and 90s. Take out those four days, and the rest of the month was a degree and change below normal.

So here we are in June, one of the three summer months, and forecasts for the next week or so are averaging about 3 1/2 degrees below normal. The cool weather fans like me are all smiles, but for those who like a little summer heat, is there any hope?  Officially, the long range forecasts for the end of June are also calling for cooler than normal temperatures. And the 90 day outlook that covers June, July and August is also going with cooler than normal.

But that doesn't mean it's going to be 58-63 all summer long (darn). I'll bet a dollar to a trans-fat free doughnut that we get some warm stretches again this summer. Just probably more frequent days in the 60s and low 70s than average.

Last summer was, overall, a bit cooler than average, but we still managed a 98 degree stretch in there. And for those old-timers around here that remember the "summer" of 1993 where every day in July was below normal, we were rewarded with a very sunny and warm August.

By the way, the original topic of today's blog, which relates to this anyway, was going to be a trick question: Which month do you think is, on average, warmer in Seattle? June or September?

June gets all the press since summer begins this month, but believe it or not, the numbers are very close. For the most recent 30-year climate period of 1970-2000, September has a higher average temperature -- 69.8 degrees vs. 69.4 degrees for June. On the other hand, September is slightly wetter on average -- 1.66" vs. 1.51" for June.