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Well, *somebody* doesn't think it's too chilly....

Well, *somebody* doesn't think it's too chilly....
Photo of electronic sign at McDonald's restaurant on the corner of 5th and Broad near the Seattle Center, taken Monday June 9, 2008 when the expected high temperature for the day was 55 degrees.
It's not quite selling snow in Nome, but I suggest McDonald's might try a different tact to sell their iced coffee drinks this week :)

(I snapped that photo on my way to work this morning -- it's the McDonald's near the Space Needle.)

As for the chilly weather, the great chill of spring 2008 is about to write another chapter. I don't think I've ever seen a heat advisory issued in January, but here we have a Heavy Snow Warning issued for the mountains this June. As much as 10-12" could fall in the mountains by Tuesday morning. Even Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass are expecting snow overnight, although road temperature are warm enough that actual accumulations on the roadways are expected to be limited, but the snow itself can make for poor driving conditions with low visibility. And add in the fact that you're probably not really used to driving in snow in June.

Aside from the chill, it'll be unseasonably windy as well. We're expecting wind gusts to 30-35 mph in the city, and perhaps gusts to 40 mph along the coast and North Sound. Again, for January, we don't even raise an eyebrow at that, but in June, that's newsworthy. If nothing else, the trees will be confused.

For those tracking the chilly stats, Through Sunday, Seattle's average high temperature is still stuck at 57.2 degrees -- this is a full 5 degrees below the record coldest average for June and over 12 degrees below the normal average high, although it's highly unlikely we'll stay this cool the entire month.  So far, we've only had one day this month be over 60 degrees.

Some other records: This is the coldest first 8 days of June in Seattle history. Also, Seattle has never gone the first 12 days of June under 65. That record is in jeopardy, but will be close.

Long range models do at least creep us up into the upper 60s by the end of the week. Perhaps warm enough for an iced coffee? 68 might feel like 88 by then :)