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Seattle colder than Siberia? Houston will be too...

Jack Broom over at the Seattle Times did an excellent article today comparing Seattle this week to some noted global cold spots and found we were cooler than spots like Fairbanks, Oslo (Norway), International Falls (Minnesota), and even Siberia! (See entire article here.)

Tomsk in the southern edge of Siberia (at about 55 degrees north latitude, so about on par with Ketchikan, Alaska, which by the way, was also 4 degrees warmer than Seattle Tuesday) was in the 70s last week.

I wanted to see if places even farther north had Seattle beat, and found the town of Yakutsk, Russia, which is up at about 62 degrees north latitude.  I could not find their weather for the past week, but it turns out, they can get quite a summer there to where they are frequently ahead of Seattle. In fact, this weekend, they'll be way ahead of Seattle. And Los Angeles. And New Orleans, and Houston. That's because their forecasted high temperature is 99 degrees!

To show how wild that is, it was 41 degrees at 11am our time, which is 4:10 a.m. there Thursday, but still.  The forecasted high for them today is 60. Friday, it's 88 and then 99 on Saturday.  I think we'd faint if we had to put that on an extended forecast graphic around here.

About the only place warmer than that in the U.S. is the Arizona desert. (They miss Phoenix by 7 degrees, which is too bad because *that* would have made a great headline.)

So take heart, Houstonites who will be sweating in the muggy 90s there Saturday. It could be worse -- you could be in Siberia :)