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Photos: Hail and snow dot the Puget Sound region

Photos: Hail and snow dot the Puget Sound region »Play Video
Snow at Wildeness Rim in North Bend. (Photo courtesy: Living Snoqualmie)
It's been quite the mix of sun, rain, hail and snow around the Puget Sound region Thursday.

Some cold air moved in, creating an unstable atmosphere that brought truth to the old adage, "if you don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes."

(Although sometimes it seemed as if 20 minutes wasn't long enough!)

But some astute photographers have been out in the zaniness to capture it all on video.

Mike McLaughin put together this nice 5 minute recap of the hail in North Seattle:

Hail also moved through the Burien area Thursday afternoon:

Angry clouds also moved over Hansville, and then...sunshine, with a little rainbow for good measure:

Jonathan Cooper tried to join the fun and began filming as some ominous clouds formed over the Silver Lake area near South Everett, but alas the hail moved to the south: