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Seattle scientists study strange glowing orb

Seattle scientists study strange glowing orb
"The sky actually is blue!"

"There are mountains here!"

"Where did I leave my sunglasses?"

"Wow, it's bright -- wish it were cloudier!"

Those were just a few of the thoughts sure to be rummaging around the brains of western Washingtonians -- particularly those in Seattle and Everett who missed out on the sun Friday -- as we finally -- finally! -- Get a mostly sunny day. It's likely going to be the first full-on sunny day in Seattle since May 17th.

So just how cloudy has it been in June? Cloudier than December.

I compiled a "cloud score" for every month since last October. This was taken using the National Weather Service measurements of percent cloud cover on their scale of 0-10 where 10 is overcast and 0 is clear.

Adding up every day in June through Sunday, which every day was an 8 or higher except Saturday was a '7' and Sunday was a '4', our cloud score is 8.47.

December? It was 8.39.

Some others:

October: 7.12
November: 7.40
January: 7.61
February: 7.62
March: 7.70
April: 7.26
May: 7.83

Also to compare: Last year, June was 7.33. In 2006, it was 5.90.

(Granted, June's numbers are only for half the month so we have time to knock that down -- and Monday's sun will likely at least get it under December, but long range models advertise a few more likely 9s and 10s going into our score this week.)

While we're here, I thought I'd catch everyone up on a few more neat weather statistics and potential records just in case you missed the cloudy and cool days.

* That obscure record for number of consecutive days to begin June at 65 degrees or lower actually stretched to 14 as Friday and Saturday remained cool in Seattle proper. That broke the old record of 11, set in 1917. It finally ended Sunday when it got up to a balmy 70 degrees.

* Sun fans will be happy to note that the 70 degrees yesterday also thwarted what could have been an all-time record of not hitting 70 degrees any time during the month, as long range models cool us off again for a while starting Tuesday.  The longest stretch under 70 in June was 25 days.

* We are still well on the pace to shatter the record for coldest June overall in Seattle. The average high temperature is 59.2 degrees through Sunday. We need to average 66.2 degrees the rest of the month not to break the current record of 62.73 in 1971, and that seems very unlikely. The question now is -- how much will we shatter it by?

In the meantime, enjoy today's sun!