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Fry an egg on the sidewalk, then grab a jacket

Talk about a wild shift in weather -- look at what happened in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday:

A 1 p.m., the weather station at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (about 10 miles west of the city) said it was 100 degrees outside. But get this: The surface ground temperature was 144 -- according to the National Egg Board, that is just hot enough to officially fry an egg.

An hour later, some clouds moved over and the temperature dropped to 98 degrees.

And then, the sky opened up. A big thunderstorm rolled over the city, dropping an eye-popping 2.5 inches of rain in two hours -- roughly 10 percent of their annual rainfall total of 12" a year.  Hope they like their eggs runny...

But it wasn't just rainy, it got chilly! The temperature reading at 3 p.m. dropped to 69 degrees -- a 30 degree drop in an hour turning sweltering Tucson into a virtual ice age! OK, not really, but might feel that way if you were in shorts and now soaked to the bone.  Just another day in the Arizona monsoon season.