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Think it rains frequently on the 4th? You are right

It's tradition around here -- fireworks and freezing...cold that is. I went back and checked and over the past 20 years, the average temperature at fireworks time (10 p.m.-ish) was 61.1 degrees in Seattle.  And only twice -- last year (70) and 1997 (75) has it been 70 or warmer at that time.

But it appears we do have an ironic twist in 4th of July weather besides temperature.  Statistically speaking, July 4th is the wettest day of July in Seattle. If you use this chart, you'll see that over the past 115 years, it has rained 33 times on July 4th -- far and away the winner for wettest day of the month.

However, in looking back at those 20 years to get the temperature average, only once -- 1992 -- was it actually raining at 10 p.m. (1994 had steady rain for a few hours in the evening, but the rain stopped just before 10 p.m. If you've read Steve Pool and my book Somewhere, I Was Right, there's a whole story in there on how we were really sweating out that night as it was a very sneaky Convergence Zone that nearly washed out the show.)

So even though odds are moderate that you might get wet at some point on the 4th, at least the weather looks like it clears up just in time for the big shows.