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Too hot in Oregon? Head for California

Too hot in Oregon? Head for California
Harris Beach near Brookings, Ore. (Photo: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives.)
It's not often that people in Oregon might think of heading to the Sunshine State to find relief from heat, but that was the rather strange situation on Monday.

Due to unique topography, Brookings, which is on the southern coast of Oregon, will get amazingly hot at times in the summer when they get a northeast wind.  That wind will sink down the nearby hills and as it does so, air warms and dries.

So as of 3 p.m. on Monday, the temperature there was an eye-popping 99 degrees. Sounds toasty. But if that was too hot for those in Brookings, they just had to jump in the car and drive about 25 miles south on the Pacific Highway until they reached Crescent City, California. There, the wind had veered a bit to the northwest and was blowing off the chilly Pacific Ocean, and the high temperature was just 62 degrees.

The pattern was holding again on Tuesday -- with Brookings at 92 degrees already at 10 a.m. -- some 27 degrees warmer than the second-warmest reading on the entire Oregon or Washington coast (Astoria was at 65.)