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Mother Nature whips out her paint brush

It's amazing what weather can do sometimes.

Normally, wind is invisible, but add some fog around to act like paint on a paintbrush, and it turns the normally hidden beauty of air turbulence into something we can all see.

In this case, some fog hugging the coast combined with some low level winds blowing off the coastal headlands to make some interesting swirls in the fog. That's the simplistic answer. There's a lot more physics and oceanographic effects going on in creating those patterns, but we'll just leave it as a pretty picture to look at. These images below are NASA visible satellite photos taken along the northwestern tip of Washington and the central Oregon coast.  The top photo of the Oregon Coast was snapped on Tuesday.  The bottom photo of the waves off Vancouver Island was snapped on July 21, 2003.  Both images courtesy NOAA and their MODIS satellite program. (More images at this link)

(We had a similarly awe-inspiring cloud photo taken last October by a Navy pilot in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. You can see that blog entry at this link.)