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Have you heard? Death Valley gets hot (and so does Brookings)

Have you heard? Death Valley gets hot (and so does Brookings)
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What better way to celebrate a heat anniversary than to get really hot?

Today is the 95 year anniversary of the 134 degree reading at Death Valley, California -- the hottest reading ever recorded in the United States.

This year? A chilly high of only 124 degrees is expected. But of more note, the overnight low Wednesday night was 101 -- yes, it spent 24 hours over 100 degrees. That's just two degrees cooler than their warmest low ever recorded (103). (Special thanks to UW research meteorologist Mark Albright, who is finding these great stats and notable weather events. I'm just the messenger.)

Another tidbit from Mark to add to the growing amazement of the heat wave down in Brookings, Oregon this week.

Wednesday, it was 102 at the airport in north Brookings, but 78 just on the south side of town. 23 miles to the south, it was 63 in Crescent City, and 8 miles off shore, it was 55 at a buoy. But just 21 miles inland, it was 114 at a weather station there.

To put that in Seattle perspective, distance-wise, that would mean hypothetically speaking it would be 102 at the Space Needle, but 78 at Safeco Field. Over in Maple Valley, it's 114, but just 55 in Port Orchard and 63 in Tacoma. Wow.