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Wildfires as seen from space

Wildfires as seen from space
Image courtesy: NASA
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one might be worth 2,000 since it depicts two very interesting features as seen from space.

This satellite photo was taken Monday afternoon from NASA's MODIS satellite program. This is a raw, untreated image, so I drew in the Columbia River in blue (no, it's not really glowing like that) and put Portland on there to help get your bearings.

You can see the smoke from the fire near Mount Adams drifting east. But if you look over on the coast, you can see those headland winds causing those wacky swirls in the fog, just like I highlighted in last week's blog entry.

If you'd like to peruse more from this satellite gallery, here are several links to keep you busy for a while:

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P.S., here is a current photo of Hurricane Bertha near Bermuda: