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Seattle doing well using up annual heat quota

Seattle doing well using up annual heat quota
It's a cool day around Seattle -- perhaps the coolest day of the month so far as temperatures struggle into the 60s.  What better time to talk about how warm it's been lately?

It might sound nuts, but Seattle is roughly on track to fulfill their average heat quota this summer.

On average, Seattle averages 25 days a year at 80 or warmer, of which 10 are 85 and over and two of those are generally 90 or hotter.

We average a 95-or-better day once every other year.

So far this year, we've had 15 days at 80 or warmer. Of those, five were 85 or better, and we've already used up our 90 quota, registering three days up there.  (No 95 yet, but we hit 98 last year so we're good there.)

Just a hunch, but I'll bet we'll go well over our 90 quotient this year. There's nothing in the next 10-12 days to suggest it'll happen anytime soon (if you trust the *really* long range models, there's hints at some very warm weather right around the 1st of August), but Seattle climate seems to go in duets -- as in, two big warm and cold events each year.

For summer, that means we seem to get two "extended" heat waves a year (extended meaning 2-4 days since that's usually about as long as we can go.)   We had one in late June when we hit 91 and 92 on back-to-back days.  The other 90 degree and upper 80 degree days have been sporadic, "one-day wonders" and thus, don't count as a heat wave in my book.

So I say we're still due for one more. Maybe that July 31-August 1st time frame will be the winner.  Then hopefully, that's it for the 90s until 2009 :)