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Seattle half way to sort of nearing a record

Seattle half way to sort of nearing a record
So the weather is pretty stable and boring now. Temperatures are hovering around normal, and thunderstorms are but a memory and the most concerning item in the forecast is whether you'll need your sunglasses by 11 a.m. or 9 a.m. Will the blog survive?

Never fear. There's an interesting weather statistic for everything. And I didn't even have to scrape too far to the bottom of the barrel to find one.

Today will likely mark the 19th consecutive day with no measurable rain in Seattle. Sounds like a rare feat worthy of cool charts and intense record keeping like we were doing in June wondering if it would be the coldest ever?  I mean, Seattle is Rain City. Two and a half weeks of no rain must be worth something in the halls of record keeping? Eh, believe it or not, 19 days of consecutive dry weather in the summer is nothing too out of the ordinary. In fact, we don't even get into the Top 10 driest streaks until we get to 37 days with no rain.

The record-long dry spell is 51 days set between July 7 and August 26th in 1951.

Now, we were actually close to a record had we not had those wacky thunderstorms earlier this month. That dropped 0.25" of rain on July 3 and if we take those out, our last measurable rain would have been way back on June 10th and we would be sitting on a 42-day dry streak, good for a tie for third longest.

In fact, in talking to my expert weather observer up in Port Angeles (my dad, who has one of those fancy automated weather stations), they did not get the thunderstorms in early July and hadn't received rain since June 10th.  I don't have that city's official records, but sounds like up there, it's probably among their driest streaks.

Long range forecasts keep us dry for at least the next 10 days, save for perhaps some morning drizzle at times. Maybe we can get sort of near that record after all?