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Now this is "Showers and Sunbreaks"

Now this is "Showers and Sunbreaks"
Northwest forecasters use the term "showers and sunbreaks" quite frequently around here, especially in the spring and fall when we get our classic mix where it'll rain for 20 minutes, then the sun comes out.

A lot of people think it's a crutch forecast -- how can you go wrong? Just like that icon we use on the weather graphics with the sunshine and the raindrop at the same time -- also known by some as the "idiot icon" from "only an idiot could be wrong with that graphic."

But as this time lapse from our good friend Dr. Dale Ireland over in Silverdale illustrates, it really can be a good description of the weather around here.

Things to watch for in this time lapse, which is taken from sunrise to sunset on Tuesday, July 29th:

Near the beginning, you'll see a rainbow form in one shower. Also, note in the foreground near the base of the mountains, you'll see a cloud that seems to be flowing from left to right, yet stationary in its position. This is the same physics behind the lenticular cloud that you'll see over Mt. Rainier -- the clouds are moving, they just appear to sit still.

Then, about 2/3 the way through, after a shower passes, look at the clouds just rolling over the Olympics -- looks like an ocean wave.

Also, I think there's a few submarines toodeling around out there. (Is that how you spell "toodeling"? Word is no help, and neither is Google, which has it spelled several different ways.)

And this one, from July 24, I title "My Oh My!" In honor of Seattle Mariners' announcer Dave Niehaus going into the Hall of Fame. If you watch this time lapse, you'll note about half way you'll see the moon setting from the top of the video slowly toward the mountains as the afternoon progresses -- as if it's a baseball arcing toward the fence in a dramatic home run: