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Weather balloon finds it needs a coat

Some miscellaneous weather notes for today...

1) The weather balloon launched from Quillayute, WA (near Forks) recorded a freezing level of 5,600 feet Wednesday morning -- the coldest late July reading since 1996.

It also recorded a very chilly temperature of 1.6 degrees C  (35 degrees F) at the 850 mb height. (Translated into English: That is the temperature at the altitude where the atmospheric pressure is at 850 milibars -- a standard meteorologists use to gauge upper air temperatures.  That altitude fluctuates a bit as we get high and low pressure systems, and today, it's at roughly 4,600 feet.) The last time it was that cold in late July at that level was July 17, 1996 when it was 1.0 degrees C. (Thanks to UW's Mark Albright in pointing this tidbit out.)

2) More chilly notes: It's supposed to be cold in Alaska,  but not this chilly. Anchorage has had only 35 days so far this summer over 60 degrees. They typically reach 88 days over 60 in any given summer. Down on the peninsula, Juneau just recorded its 24th day of below normal temperatures -- now you know where our chilly June weather went!

Here is more information from the Anchorage Daily News

3) On the other hand, I know the Miami NBA team already has the name "Heat", but if Oklahoma City is still in the market to rename the Sonics, they might try to take some form of that name.

Going polar opposite (no pun intended) from Alaska, Oklahoma City's *coldest* day since July 18th has been 97 degrees. Their high temperatures of the week have read like a list of class scores at Harvard: 97, 97, 99, 100, 100, 99, 97, 97, 100, 101, 105, 97.  They're probably ready for a B- type day by now.

4) Back in Seattle, which was on "driest day" record watch for July 30th -- it had not rained at Sea-Tac Airport as of 1 p.m. Wednesday, meaning so far, July 30 gets to keep its perch as tied with Aug. 1 and 4 for driest day in Seattle.