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'Open Window' Index is sky high!

'Open Window' Index is sky high!
Another toasty one, as our "Open Window" Index is sky-high at 64.

What's that? Sort of like the "Umbrella Index" we touted a while back which was the ratio of people walking with an umbrella versus the total number of people walking by the Seattle Center, the Open Window Index was an informal survey of people driving by Fisher Plaza with their window down. At last check, our informal survey of 25 cars showed an amazing 16 of them had their window down. (That includes two convertibles.)

That corresponds to an Open Window Index of 64 -- very high for around here, (although that's a bit of a guess since my sample size But I'm guessing maybe something has to do with the campaign to get people to open your windows instead of using the A/C when you are at city-driving speeds as it is more fuel efficient.

The Window Index might drop a bit later this week as we cool off, and then might drop to near zero over the weekend as showers move in. On the other hand, with tourism season still in force, but SeaFair over, we predict the Umbrella Index might climb into the teens to low 20s :)