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Sun fans vs. rain fans -- sound off!

Sun fans vs. rain fans -- sound off!
In Seattle, it's an underlying debate that has raged since Denny and Mercer pulled up their boat on Alki Beach -- more than Coke vs. Pepsi, more than boxers vs. briefs, more than did get peanut butter get merged into chocolate or did the chocolate get merged into the peanut butter…

And that is -- are you happier when it's a cool, rainy, blustery day around Seattle? Or would you rather it be sunny and 80+? You'd think that the sunny and warm would be the hands down winner, but around here, there is a huge percentage of the population who prefers the rainy, cool day, myself included.

Since rainy and cool is somewhat the default climate here, I think it's because many of the people here either grew up with it and have acclimated to the point where 80 feels hot, or moved here just to get away from the hotter summers and icy winters of the rest of the nation.

As the keeper of the KOMO Weather e-mail bin, I frequently get e-mails from both sides -- many complain when we say rainy, cool weather is good, and even more complain when we say a sunny, warm day is a positive thing.

So here is your chance to sound off. The sun fans are getting their 90 degree fix today, but rain fans are looking forward to the mid 60s expected next week. Which is better? :) Use the commenting tools below to chime in. I've also asked some of the KOMO staffers to join the debate.