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Ever seen a sunset rainbow?

Ever seen a sunset rainbow?
Photo submitted by Jeanne Pumphrey
The Northwest is really a treasure trove of spectacular natural photography, but this image has to be one of the most stunning.  This "Sunset rainbow" photo  was taken in Port Angeles on Sunday evening by Jeanne Pumphrey just after a storm passed.  She says the camera didn't do it justice for the rainbow's brilliance factor, but I'd say it looks pretty amazing to me.

Here is another version of it:

And while we're on the subject of cool photos, here are some others submitted to us either via e-mail our our YouNews page.

This is a Kirkland sunset submitted by Victoria Yonke:

This is another cool sunset, taken by Robin Moses near Port Angeles:

Oak Harbor Sunset by YouNews contributor darrylsplace

Here is another spectacular sunset, this one taken by Michelle Sistek in Mukilteo. (Yes, there is a relation :) )

One of the many lightning photos submitted to YouNews. This one is by zenseas:

And finally, this shot of a sunset over Lake Sammamish by YouNews contributor indigohippie:

Keep sending those photos to our YouNews site and I'll occasionally post the best ones here.