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Labor Day Weekend Eye Candy

Labor Day Weekend Eye Candy
It's a long weekend, so we've got extra eye candy to hold you through the extra day off (although I'll be here Monday.  No 3 day weekends in the news biz).

The photo above was taken by Michael Zavaglia of an ice formation inside the crater on the summit of Mt. Rainier.  Very cool shot, literally! Next up, the old standby -- some great Time Lapse videos of this past week's weather by Dr. Dale Ireland.

First up, Sunday, Aug. 24th.

What to look for: Two things here. During the frist and middle part of the movie, watch the standing wave cloud form over the top center of the Olympics. It's sort of like the guy with the hat leaning forward walking down the street in a strong headwind.

Then, as you get toward the end, watch the approaching cold front and its curtain of rain dramatically blow in from the west.

Next: Monday, Aug. 25th

What to look for: Just watch the clouds dance on a stormy day:

Third: Tuesday, Aug. 26th

What to look for: Some good wind shear -- see the high clouds moving west to east, but the low clouds moving south to north. (The camera points west)

Finally: Thursday, Aug. 28th

What to look for: I thought it was fascinating watching the thin, high stratocumulus cloud form seemingly out of nowhere.

And what's a good summer weekend without a good summer sunset photo -- also from Dr. Dale Ireland:

Have a great weekend!