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Weekend weather eye (and ear?) candy

Weekend weather eye (and ear?) candy
It's Friday -- time to find some neato weather photos and videos to hold you through the weekend.

We've got the traditional PTM bloggin' staples -- some great photos by viewers sent into YouNews and some awesome time-lapse videos by our resident videographer Dr. Dale Ireland. But I've found a few new nuggets sure to give you a few chuckles as we kick off the weekend.

First up, the staples. The photo above of the tree frog in the dahlia was taken by YouNews contributor "boo4you" from Rochester, Wash.

And then this photo of a sun pillar, taken from YouNews contributor "moxnics" out of Dundee, Oregon.

(For more information on sun pillars, go to this link)

Next, some videos of the week from over in Silverdale.

Monday, Sept. 1 -- note the shadows the high clouds cast on the lower layer clouds. Also, once again, another great illustration of wind shear.

Wednesday, Sept. 3 -- Catch the Trident Sub heading out for a spin on Dabob bay:

Thursday, Sept. 4 -- A great sunset in action:

These next two videos I found while trawling YouTube for fun weather-related videos. Instead, I found two fun weather forecasts. does have their meteorologists do a video forecast for each major city. Their guy in charge of Philadelphia is...well, let's just say he's a bit unorthodox.

While I personally never had much ambition to be an on-air TV forecaster, I have to admit, if I was, I would want to be a lot like this guy. There have been many a time I've wanted to try and literally shout a storm system out of the area. Perhaps in that case it's a good thing I stayed behind the scenes :)

Warning: If you are reading this in a library, monastery, day care amid sleeping kids, or anywhere else where the acceptable noise level is something less than a 737 during takeoff, you might want to turn the volume down. This guy is a :)

And finally, as the week sets into the historical calendar, here is a parting sunset shot, sent in by YouNews subscriber rivergirl75 (location, unknown.)

Have a great weekend!