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Meacham to Mother Nature: Make up your mind!

Meacham to Mother Nature: Make up your mind!
As the calendar turns to fall, you might be peeking at your wardrobe to start thinking which summer clothes can go toward the back, and which of the coats should start migrating toward the front.

But in Meacham, Oregon, they might need both the sweaters and shorts in the same week!

On Monday, Sept. 15, the city broke their record low with a temperature of 27 degrees. The next day, they broke their record high with an 89 degree reading -- a 62 degree spread in just 36 hours. But there have been even more amazing turnarounds.  This site documents some of the instances where cities have broken a record high and low *on the same day*.  Most amazing: Las Vegas on July 13, 1972 when their low was 48 and the high was 119.

It's even happened in the Northwest. Olympia set a double record high (67) and low (25) on Mar. 14, 2005. Olympia nearly did it twice that winter -- also setting a record low of 20 on Feb. 23 and then a record high of 65 on Feb. 24, 2005.

Guess they need bigger closets? :)