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How dry are (were?) we this September?

How dry are (were?) we this September?
It what many saw was an olive branch from Mother Nature for the coolish and wettish summer, September began with 17 consecutive dry days, and then two more where we just recorded a trace.

That prompted a lot of questions over whether we were on any kind of pace to break any records for dry September.

According to resident Seattle weather stat guru Jason Phelps, it was the driest stretch since 1975, which went the first 23 days with no rain measured whatsoever. In fact, that year and 1991, we didn't receive any measurable rain in September -- just a "Trace" on a couple of days.

We were on that pace until Saturday, Sept. 20 monkey wrenched the whole thing. In fact, with 0.54" of rain that day, and now another 0.03" since, we've fallen out of the Top 10 driest Septembers. (I think we're in 12th place now). And with more rain expected later this week, we could even nudge to within the realm of normal, which is about 1.7"

But you'd be hard-pressed to find a more pleasant stretch of weather in Seattle history. I don't have any easy way of comparing it to other years, but between Sept. 2 and Sept. 17, every day was in the range between 69 and 80 degrees. Incredible!

If we toss out the two 69-degree days on Sept. 2 and 3, the 14 consecutive days at 70 or warmer tied for second place for longest such stretch in September with 1994, just behind the record of 15 straight in 1974.