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Weekend eye candy: Cool clouds and salmon traffic

Weekend eye candy: Cool clouds and salmon traffic

It's Friday -- time to find the week's best images to hold you over until Monday. (Although this week, it's two weeks' worth since I was out last week.)

First up, these fantastic lenticular clouds posted by YouNews subscriber starlisa. Here's another one:

You can see what causes them in my earlier blog entry:

Here is a moon set over the San Juan Islands by Christopher Hartman:

And this is a sunrise at Kalaloch Beach on the Olympic Peninsula:

No weekend eye candy segment is without a great time lapse from Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale. Plenty to watch for this time -- wind shear is quite evident with low clouds going south to north and high clouds going west to east. About 1/3 the way through -- watch for the dark, rolling clouds in the middle -- they make a visual wave -- proof that air flow can work a lot like the flow of water in the ocean.  About 2/3 the way through you can see some cumulus clouds billow over the Olympics. Just fascinating:

 Speaking of fascinating, take a look at this from my recent trip to Ketchikan. Late September is when the salmon make their runs, and this photo is taken from "Creek Street". Look at the thousands of salmon crunched into the little creek:

At this point, there were two seals in this tiny little creek feasting on what has to be the world's best salmon buffet. This video below shows what happens when the thousands of salmon all going one way, all of a sudden try to reverse course and go the other way. This is akin to trying to turn around and go south on I-5 north -- it doesn't work well.

Watch as the salmon get all antsy with the wrong-way traffic. Those black lines you see floating are the tops of fish.

Have a great weekend!