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Weekly Time Waster: The Storm King

Weekly Time Waster: The Storm King
With this year's rainy and stormy season just getting under way, we get quite a few requests for historical windstorm information.

Lucky for us, we have Wolf Read in our neighborhood.

Read is a meteorologist who has compiled extensive research into windstorms that have struck the Pacific Northwest, then turned it into what has to be the best comprehensive database around.

Want to compare the top wind speed in Hoquiam from the Dec. 14, 2006 windstorm to those of the 1993 Inauguration Day storm? It's there. Remember a windy day in early March in 1974 but can't find any information? It's there.

Just go to:

(P.S. I was just poking around this site some more Thursday afternoon, and found a link I had overlooked while just parusing past windstorms.  Mr. Read has also written up an incredible explanation of how windstorms work here, and how a storm's track affects each region: We'll likely go into this in more depth here when we get a good windstorm on the way.