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Weekend eye candy: Sunsets and big waves

Weekend eye candy: Sunsets and big waves
Another weekend is upon us -- time to find some cool stuff to "tide" you over until Monday. (That will be funnier in a moment.)

First up, let's do some videos. This one is from the resident time lapser Dr. Dale Ireland, whose gem this week is showing a gray start turning to sunshine over the Kitsap Peninsula on Sept. 26:

Next, a few videos I found on YouTube. I was looking for cool cloud formations, but instead stumbled upon some video of big waves that come ashore.

This first one was taken somewhere along the Pacific Coast in January of 2008: (Warning: There is one expletive muttered in the middle of this:)

And this one was a 20-foot wave that crashed ashore in Spain. (I took French in college, not Spanish, so I have no idea what the announcer is saying, but it appears to be a TV feed, so I'm hoping they kept it clean :) )

To finish it off, here are several great photo sent in via our YouNews feature on our sites.

The one at the top of the page was of a Central Oregon sunset, by user Parkersgrani:

This one below is of an Oak Harbor sunrise submitted by YouNews user adverb

And here is more waves (ahh!) but more normal variety along the Oregon Coast by aquamarine:

Speaking of the Oregon Coast, here is a unique fog bank along Oceanside, OR by "nativeO":

Heading north into Washington, here is a sunrise in Port Angeles by gillig_CTS:


Next, a double rainbow over Birch Bay by "cl":

And finally, a panoramic view of Mt. Rainier by Tom Gwilym:

Have a great weekend!