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What's the difference between 'breezy' and 'windy'?

What's the difference between 'breezy' and 'windy'?
This would be "breezy" weather.
With wind back in the forecasts, let's visit a bit of terminology that gets tossed around almost as much as autumn leaves during these situations.

One of the most popular questions is wondering what the difference between "breezy" and "windy" is on our forecasts.

For me personally, when I write a forecast, I use "breezy" to describe when winds will be noticeable but not have any effect, and "windy" when speeds might start to cause problems.  But I don't have a set wind speed that I use to switch between the two, it's more of how I want to paint the mental picture.

Generally speaking, I'd say breezy is roughly 15-30 mph, and windy would be 30+.  Or, breezy is enough to turn your umbrella inside out. Windy is enough to blow your umbrella down to the next block :)