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Manokwari, where the weather never changes

Manokwari, where the weather never changes
Nine days ago, it reached 78 degrees in Seattle. Thursday, it's only expected to be near 50 with lows that night dropping into the 30s.  And once we get into the weekend, we're looking at temperatures in the 30s in the morning warming into the 60s in the afternoon -- a solid 25-30 degree swing.

Makes picking out what to wear a challenge, but how would you like to live someplace where the opposite is true and the weather *never* changes, no matter the month?

Well, pack your bags and head to Manokwari, Indonesia, which sits just about smack dab on the Earth's equator. Being in the tropics, you can guess they would be warm since they receive generally the same amount of sunshine year round. But this consistent?

The average high temperature there in October is 87 -- same as July. In April, it drops to 86, and January, it's a bone-chilling 84. But most amazing is their all time record high temperature is 93 degrees -- just six degrees above their normal high?!?

Aside from near constant temperatures are the near-daily occurrence of tropical thunderstorms.  This might be the one true place where a weather man could tape a week's worth of shows then head home. Just don't tell Steve Martin :)

[Watch L.A. Story sometime if you've never seen it. A movie that pokes fun at TV weathermen *and* Los Angeles in the same flick? Comedy gold...]