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Weekend eye candy: Funny clouds, hail, and snowy mountains

Weekend eye candy: Funny clouds, hail, and snowy mountains

Time to find some great images and videos to hold you over until our Monday blog post :)

First up, as tradition here at PTMB, here are the best time lapses of the week, courtesy of Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale.

The first one, taken Oct. 5th, shows some great sunbreaks beaming down on the region. (Also note at the end you can see a submarine heading out from Bangor:

This one, from Oct. 6, shows a day of showers moving through:

Down Portland way, a hailstorm swept across Canby on Thursday. Here is video of it from YouNews contributor CanbyTurners:

And here is a still image of that hail:


 How about some good photos from last week's windstorm? These two were taken by p38fan off Alki Beach in West Seattle:

How about some spooky, mammatus clouds, just in time for Halloween? Top one is by "anacortes" and the bottom one is by "godsend"

(Here is where you can learn more about mammatus clouds)

Finally, the signs that winter is just around the corner!

The photo at the top of the blog was taken at Tonga Ridge by NoAlBu.

And snow already coming to the Olympics, by Dr. Dale Ireland:

Have a great weekend!