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Maybe our best time lapse ever?

Maybe our best time lapse ever?
Dr. Dale Ireland has outdone himself now. Our resident weather watcher with the great web camera in Silverdale had his camera rolling on Monday when we had a cold front pass through in the morning, followed by a period of unstable air, a brilliant rainbow, and even the passing of a Convergence zone. What to watch for: In the start, that's the steady, heavy rain of the cold front passing. As we head past noon, note the skies clear a bit, but this is when the cold, unstable air starts to pour in.

Watch as the clouds bubble and boil, followed by some strong showers moving through in the afternoon.

Then, incredibly, you can see the shift in winds from the south to the north -- I'm guessing that's when the convergence zone passed to the south and the wind chased it.

Anyway, watch it several times, you'll find something new:

And this one was taken the week before of the moon setting during the middle of the day. Just in time for the World Series -- a real "moon shot" :)