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Have weekends ever been this kind in October?

Have weekends ever been this kind in October?
Hey, where's the clouds?
I promised I'd look this up on my daily weather forecast discussion -- this upcoming weekend will be the third consecutive weekend this October where it's been generally sunny.

Since this is the first month of the rainy season, I was wondering -- has that ever happened before? I mean, getting one sunny weekend in Seattle is tough enough and get two in a row -- even in summer -- sometimes is a challenge.

But three? You almost want to alert Sea-Tac air traffic control to be on the lookout for pigs. Yet believe it or not, it wasn't all that long ago that it happened before. It looks like in October of 2000, we had three consecutive dry weekends.

Now, it's a little bit different since in that year, it was the first three weekends, instead of the last three as we are working on this year, and technically we get rainier as the month progresses, so our current sunny weekend hat trick is a bit more impressive.

But just remember this when next July, it rains every weekend to even things out :)