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Just how wet was it?

Just how wet was it?
Image provided by YouNews user jferparrott.
We all knew it was wet. Here are some rainfall totals from the November 12 flooding event to prove just how wet.

These are all from private weather spotters who phoned their totals into the National Weather Service. These are roughly storm totals, but some might be measured accumulations over a longer period than others.
  • Quinault: 7.06"
  • Montesano: 5.70"
  • Randle: 4.75"
  • Vail: 3.79"
  • Eatonville: 3.78"
  • North Bend: over 3.50" (Rain gauge had crack at 3.5" mark)
  • Grand Mound: 2.84"
  • Black Diamond: 2.35"
  • Lacey: 2.24"
  • Napavine: 2.07"
  • Shelton: 2.06"
  • Spanaway: 2.01"
  • Bucoda: 2.00"
  • Frederickson: 2.00
Also, some of the automated rain gauges in the mountains reported 8.70" of rain at the Paradise Ranger gauge along Mt. Rainier, and June Lake on the south side of Mt. St. Helens reported 7.10".

And here is a graph of some of the main official airport totals:

Seattle is now up to 6.09" for the month of November -- already ahead of our average monthly rainfall with still half the month to go!

Now, if you want to see the Olympic Rain Shadow in action, look at this chart:

That shows approximately 24 hour rainfall total from 7 am Wednesday through 7 a.m. Thursday. Note how much drier it was closer to Puget Sound where the Olympics were blocking a good portion of the rain, than it was closer to the Cascade foothills and into the mountains! 

You can see other counties at the main CoCoRaHS Web site. And this site has all of the reports in text format if you're looking for a specific place.

This is the same thing we advertised on KOMO 4 News Tuesday evening as the place that is recruiting volunteers to track rainfall for this web site. So if you're interested in joining, go to that site and it'll give you the details on how you can volunteer!

It was windy too with this storm, although nothing that was too unusual for November. Here are some of the peak wind gusts, measured mainly in the early pre-dawn hours of Nov. 12:

  • Hoquiam: 49 mph
  • Alki Beach (Seattle): 42 mph
  • Shelton: 40 mph
  • Seattle (Sand Point): 38 mph
  • Gig Harbor/Tacoma (Narrows Airport): 38 mph
  • Seattle (West Point/Magnolia): 36 mph
  • Everett: 36 mph
  • Bellingham: 35 mph
  • Oak Harbor: 33 mph
  • Seattle (Sea-Tac): 33 mph
  • Olympia: 28 mph