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Your weekly fix of time lapses

Your weekly fix of time lapses
I suppose all those great Mt. Rainier shots could have passed for our weekend eye candy segment, but it's not a weekend without time lapses :) Here's the latest week's worth from Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale:

November 28: A rainy, cloudy start, then a showery and breezy afternoon with a few peeks of sun. Watch the clouds stream over the middle hill there for much of the afternoon. This is similar physics that makes those cool lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier from Friday's blog entry.

November 29: A very foggy morning, but watch as the day progresses, the flow right along the water is out of the north (from the right) while even clouds just a few hundred feet up are blowing from the south (left).

November 30: Another foggy morning, but watch the bumpy layer of stratocumulus clouds roll in around noon -- very cool!

December 1: Foghorns are sure getting a workout here in the morning, but then poof! Out comes the sun for late morning, only to cloud back over again in the afternoon.

December 2: Mother Nature splits the Hood Canal in two as you can tell the Silverdale side is in the clouds, but you can just see across the water on the western shores that the sun is out and the skies are blue. All sorts of wind shear in the afternoon as clouds blow every which way.

December 4: Finally! No fog so we're treated to a very nice sunrise. The sky is clear through the morning, so watch the water patterns for some amusement. Then it's increasing clouds, but that makes for a great sunset!

December 5: Just a quickie one for Friday -- but shows off another nice sunset!

Have a great weekend!