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Current map of just how cold it is across North America

Just how cold this arctic air mass? Here is a map of current temperatures. Note that Canada is the second largest nation in the world -- and the entire country save for a few cities on the fringes is below freezing! This map will update every hour at about 15 minutes past.

If you look down in previous blog posts, there's an entry on where to find current conditions, which is also a great way to follow the arctic air. But here are some links to specific cities along the Fraser Valley to watch the arctic air drop down and temperatures plunge :) First, orient yourself with a map of British Columbia:

And here are the current conditions for a few cities along the valley:
Williams Lake

Also, for weather geeks, watch the pressure gradients -- i.e., the difference in pressure in milibars between Bellingham (BLI) and Williams Lake (YWL) -- it's the table on the upper right and most recent is on top.  Anytime that gets into the -15 to -20 range, that means there's a very strong difference in pressure between those two cities, with the pressure some 15 to 20 milibars higher in Williams Lake than Bellingham, and a strong northeast wind follows.  That's generated because cold air is very dense and thus is associated with very high atmospheric pressure.