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UW study says Antarctica's warming...but for how long?

UW study says Antarctica's warming...but for how long?
Mt Herschel from Cape Hallet with Seabee Hook penguin colony in Foreground. Antarctica. Photo taken by Andrew Mandemaker.
Found two conflicting articles today that highlight the challenges we face in the debate about global warming.

First up, a story from AP Science Wrtier Seth Borenstein that Antarctica, the only place that had oddly seemed immune from climate change, is warming after all, according to a new study by scientists at the University of Washington and other institutions.

For years, Antarctica was an enigma to scientists who track the effects of global warming. Temperatures on much of the continent at the bottom of the world were staying the same or slightly cooling, previous research indicated.

The new study went back further than earlier work and filled in a massive gap in data with satellite information to find that Antarctica too is getting warmer, like the Earth's other six continents.

The findings were published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. You can read the full article here.

OK, so Antarctica is said to be warming. But then there's this article by the Russian news site Pravda that insists *another study* says data collected from Antarctica shows that the Earth is about to head back into another Ice Age.

And so goes the challenge of long range climate forecasting, think of any scenario, and you can probably find an article or study that will back it up. Now, if they could just find a study that says typing counts as exercise... :)