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Dogs and time lapse videos don't mix

Dogs and time lapse videos don't mix
It's Friday, which has become our traditional time lapse video compilation of the past week. But this week, we're short part of a day on one of our videos from Silverdale's Dr. Dale Ireland.

The video from January 15th is missing the morning data. Why? Dale explains:

"Our Beagle, Comet, got under the computer desk and stepped on the switch on the power strip turning off the camera and computer during recording."

The photo above is of the culprit. Dale says it's from Comet's younger days, but that the same attitude remains.

Luckily, Dale found out about it soon enough to turn the power back on, and we have the rest of the week to show -- at least up through the 19th for Silverdale. I've filled in the blanks with the tower camera from the UW Weather building.

January 15th: Eh, it was probably foggy that morning anyway:

January 17th and 18th: Watch the fog as it burns off and swirls around the water.

January 19th: Same as above, but watch the fire that burns over in the hills on the left side of the video toward the afternoon.

I then switched to the UW Feed. Jan. 20 was in the fog all day, but the 21st and 22nd showed off some incredible cloud movements as the fog burned away, then reformed.

Jan. 21:

Jan. 22: Watch for the speckled "stratocumulus" clouds toward the early afternoon, then how there's a stark line of clearing behind them.

The foggy weather will be giving way to more typical mix of sun, clouds and rain once we get into the weekend, which should make for more dramatic time lapses by next week's compilation. Let's just hope Comet stays away from the computer :)

Have a great weekend!