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Is there a perfect snow scenario?

Is there a perfect snow scenario?
I was home with sick baby Monday, so a short and sweet blog entry  where you get to be the bulk of it.  I wanted to ask -- what do you think is the perfect snow scenario?

I think even the most hardened snow fans were probably ready for a break by the end of our December arctic outbreak.  And over the past weekend, we had a skiff of snow, but in many areas, it wasn't enough to even make a snowman.  However, the timing was pretty good as a light Saturday night snow won't mess up much of a commute.

I'm guessing the perfect scenario for parents and those in the work force is about a 3" regionwide snow on a Saturday or Sunday (enough to build a good snowman) that melts away for Monday.

For school kids, I'm guessing it's a 3" snow that starts Monday and replenishes itself every day for a week. But was December too much? Is it worth the time off today to be in school longer in June?

The forecast for tomorrow doesn't fit either bill, (especially since, it'll be Tuesday) but it might snow enough in some spots to build a snowman.  We're looking at possibly 1-2" in the far north interio, the Cascade foothills, and south Sound/Hood Canal area. Yes that means Seattle proper looks like it won't fit into that category and might miss out again.

Anyway, use the commenting field below to give what you think is the prefect snow scenario.