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Does this mean we don't have to wear socks?

Does this mean we don't have to wear socks?
It's a true role-reversal in the weather department this week, with the jet stream dipping south and sending a series of storms into California, leaving the Northwest generally sunny and dry.

Here is a photo taken from two web cameras at 1:30 p.m.  I was going to challenge you to decipher where they were taken but the Trans-Am building on the right is a give away.  The image on the left is sunny Seattle, taken from the UW campus looking west over the Ship Canal Bridge. The one on the right is overlooking Downtown San Francisco, courtesy of KGO-TV.

Just how wet is it down there? Get this: San Francisco's airport received more rain in three hours Monday morning (0.42") than Seattle has seen since Feb. 1 (0.41"). 

Farther south, Los Angeles has had over 1.1" of rain just as of Monday afternoon, and add it up to the nearly 2" they've had so far, and they're within shouting distance of Seattle's normal February rainfall in just 16 days.

So, just who is rain city now? :)

Long range models keep it like this through this week, then move the rain back here to its normal roosting spot by next weekend.