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Time lapses and backwards comets

Time lapses and backwards comets

In addition to our weekly time lapses, we've got something else pretty spectacular -- a local photo of the green Lulin comet.

Tom Gwilym took this photo of the comet from his observatory in Renton Thursday night:

He has a great astronomy blog, the Eastside-Astro blog for more information about local stargazing events.

And Dr. Dale Ireland found this great photo with a simple digital camera looking through a telescope.

Closer to home, here are our weekly time lapse videos to give a visual recap of the week that was.

February 13:

Silverdale, from Dr. Dale Ireland: We begin clear, but then clouds increase, with snow in the Olympics late:

(UW video was pretty bland.)

February 14:

Silverdale: Wind shear lovers will "love" this video, which at the start has some pretty good wind shear -- note the east to west movement of the lower clouds at the start (camera faces west) and the southwest to northeast movement of middle level clouds just above it. Then watch the clouds billow over the Olympic mountain tops, finished off by a great sunset:

UW Building: Cool clouds move in late.

February 15:

Silverdale: Much like the 13th, the day begins clear, but clouds and snow move in late.

UW Building: Cool clouds move in late (again)

February 16:

Silverdale: Another day of increasing clouds late, but now that the sun is setting farther north as we head toward summer solstice, you can now see the sun setting on the fringe of the video. (I suspect another month or so, and we'll see the sun set in full.)

UW Building: Cool clouds move in late (again)

February 17:

Silverdale: Watch about 1/3 the way in, a cool, floating lenticular cloud forms in the lee of one of the Olympic peaks. This is a good illustration that in real time, the cloud seems to just float there, but when you watch it in time lapse form, you can see the clouds is continuously in flux, like a car spinning its tires in the snow.

UW Building: Neato clouds.

February 18:

Silverdale: Another day where it's clear to start, then clouds late.

UW Building: The usual flowing clouds

February 19:

Silverdale: Fun to watch the clouds.

UW: Watch for spectacular "ribbon" clouds moving through in the early afternoon:

Feb. 20:

Silverdale: (Half day) -- watch as the morning fog burns off.

Have a great weekend!