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Weather musings from around the nation

Weather musings from around the nation
Cars and pedestrians make their way slowly through the streets in New York, Monday, March 2, 2009.

While the weather around the Northwest has been mostly the mundane rain and wind (although Bellingham with their 63 mph gust Monday morning might object to "mundane") it's been a bit more interesting across the rest of the nation over the past few days.

UW Research Mark Albright has found these interesting tidbits:

* On Saturday, the town of McAllen, Texas set an all-time February record high temperature of 101 degrees. Now, I was going to ponder, "Who could live where it gets to 100 degrees in February? That's just not right!" But in an ironic twist, one of our new web staffers starting today just happened to move here from McAllen yesterday.

She was there Saturday when it hit 101, and says she went outside with her friends in the afternoon and "noticed it was a little hot."  They ended up going to the beach to cool off. (The town is on the southern tip of Texas right on the Mexico border.)  She said it was nice because it had been "only" 70 degrees of late.

I've already warned her not to expect 101 here :)

* Meanwhile, at that same time it hit 101 in McAllen (6 p.m. CST) it was -2 in Grand Forks, N.D. -- a 103 degree temperature spread along the same longitude and just 20 degrees latitude.

* It then got even colder up north, with Huron, S.D. where it dropped to -20 -- the coldest they've been in March in nearly 50 years, and the fourth coldest March reading ever.

* Just to show how dangerous it can be out in ocean waters, on Sunday morning, a massive cold front stretched from the mid-Atlantic States, across the Gulf of Mexico and into the Pacific Ocean, where a cargo ship reported a sudden gust of wind of 74 mph.  Here is a visible satellite of that time -- you can see how this storm drapes across such a huge area -- and went on to bring massive snow to New England:

Speaking of New England, they’ve been the weather trophy winner today, with a massive snowstorm bearing down on the region. 8" of snow had fallen in New York City's Central Park. It was the first time in 5 years the city had canceled school due to snow. 

In North Carolina, Raleigh got more than 3 inches of snow; the March snowfall for the city has exceeded 3 inches only 11 times in the last 122 years. The Weather Service said parts of Tennessee received the biggest snowfall since 1968.

Back home, it was pretty windy Monday morning. Aside from Bellingham's 63 mph gust, Oak Harbor and Friday Harbor both hit 51 mph while Everett hit 44 mph.  But compared to a good winter windstorm, people there might have just "noticed it was a little breezy" :)