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Leprechauns working overtime this weekend

Leprechauns working overtime this weekend

Many people have seen double rainbows before, but perhaps not quite like this.

A few people captured these unique shots of what appears to be more of a "V" rainbow instead of the traditional double arc.

Since the way rainbows work, it's impossible for the sun to create a rainbow that have different angles like this relative to your eye, the speculation is that there had to be some sort of secondary light source -- perhaps the sun reflecting off the water, creating a second "sun" in essence in a different location to create the alternate-angled rainbow -- also known as a Reflection Rainbow

The photo above, and the two below were taken in Tacoma by YouNews subscriber "Polarisgal"

Here is one from George and Inge Buley in Normandy Park

And here is one from Jean Falconer, who captured this one in Sequim last year.

While we're on the subject of pretty pictures, here are some from the thunderstorm that rolled through the greater Tacoma area on Tuesday evening.

This first one shows mammatus clouds -- a sign of very stormy weather. Taken by YouNews subcriber Dragonhawker

And a photo of a tree struck by lightning in Sumner by "dawneephay"