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Weekend time lapse: Rainbows edition

Weekend time lapse: Rainbows edition

With the approach of spring comes more in the way of showers and sunbreaks, and that means rainbows are a frequent occurrence. And this week's time lapses sure show that.

But before we roll the videos, a few other tidbits from this week:

Take a look at this photo:

No real reason to show it other than I thought it was cool and to get E.T. music stuck in your head. This is a photo of Aaron Brown, 17, of Kingston as he catches air on his BMX bike on a ramp at Gateway Park in Silverdale, Wash. (Photo courtesy: Kitsap Sun, Larry Steagall)

(OK, we'll tie it to weather this way -- those are cumulus clouds he's riding in front of.)

Also, here is a great shot of the moon and Venus, sent in by Wade B. Clark, Jr.

Finally, our outdoor reporter Shannon Cheeseman has put together a fantastic article on how to do time lapse photography. Right now, I'm still only able to find these two sources of time lapse video -- Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale and the UW Weather Dept. in Seattle. I'd love to add other sources, be it in Washington or northwestern Oregon. (And to the person in Olalla who volunteered -- can you write back to me again?)

If her article inspires you to join the time lapse family and you've got a good view of the sky and the willingness to capture a daily -- or even weekly weather-related time lapse, let me know ( -- and I'll make you a regular feature in the blog.  It'd be nice to get a greater geographic representation of the Pacific Northwest.

Read her article at this link.

And now, without further ado, here are this weeks' time lapses!

Feb 27:

Silverdale: A gorgeous sunrise!

UW: Boiling clouds

Feb 28:

Silverdale: Another neat sunrise, but not much else:

UW: Boiling clouds

Mar. 1:

Silverdale: Watch for brilliant rainbows, and then heavy showers:

UW: Pretty clouds

Mar. 2:

Silverdale: One of the better ones we've seen -- a really windy start, rainbows in the middle, and then some big, billowing showers and squalls move through.

UW: Angry storms late here too...

Mar. 3:

Silverdale: Watch as the upper level winds veer during the day:

UW: Angry storms late here too...

Mar. 4:

Silverdale: A lot of swirling clouds and wind shear. This was the day of the big thunderstorms in the South Sound, and you can see how angry the sky was.

UW: Angry clouds and a lot of wind shear here too.

Mar. 5:

UW: Clouds swirl and fly from all over the place as a Puget Sound Convergence Zone rolls through. You can tell when the clouds slow, the zone is close, then watch them quickly chase after the zone in the late afternoon.

Have a great weekend!