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Chilly here, downright frigid out east

Chilly here, downright frigid out east
So, Seattle drops to 26 degrees Wednesday morning, or as Spokane calls it, a heat wave.

According to UW research meteorologist Mark Albright, our neighbor to the east had temperatures drop to 2 degrees Wednesday morning -- the only other time it's been that cold this late in 118 years of records was a 2 degree reading on March 6, 1891.

And just 30 minutes to the east in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, it dropped to -11 degrees -- a full 10 degrees cooler than anything ever recorded in March, with records there going back to 1895.

Another rarity was observed in Deer Park, Washington, where it was -12, including 10 hours below zero. And in Mazama, it dropped to -1 -- the first time that area had seen below zero temperatures this late in March, with records going back to 1950.

Going back to Spokane, there is a fascinating race to see if this winter will end up the snowiest ever on record.

Right now, the 2008-09 tally is 88.9 inches -- remember, that includes December, which was their snowiest month ever at 61.5 inches.

The record is 93.5", set in 1949-1950. Ironically, second place is 92.6", set....just last winter. That means Spokane has had over 15 feet of snow over the past two winters.

Anyway, Spokane needs 4.6" more to tie the overall record, but average snowfall for the rest of the season is about 2" and long range models forecast a warm up for next week, so it's looking pretty dire for catching the Top 2, but third place is 89.0" set in 1974-75, so they could at least get top 3.