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Weekend Time Lapse: Sundog-Brilliant glare edition

Weekend Time Lapse: Sundog-Brilliant glare edition

Wow, what a week for weather!

We had some great snow events, raging convergence zones, brilliant sunny days, and even a sun dog tossed in.

But first, let's begin with a few spectacular photos sent in this week:

This is a photo captured Monday afternoon of the snow squall as it moved into Seattle, courtesy of Todd Sandell.

You can see a larger version at this link

Then, Mark Miller captured this moon shot of a plane heading to Sea-Tac in front of the full moon:

The videos this week have been really cool as well. Let's start with March 7th, which had a classic Puget Sound Convergence Zone.

The UW video captures it the best. The zone is caused by colliding winds from the north and south (this camera faces west). You can see the raging battle between the north and south wind at several levels, and see how it just seems to create clouds out of nowhere. With the back and forth nature, I thought it looked like clouds trying to parallel park :) 


And here it is on Dr. Dale Ireland's Silverdale camera:

We were treated to another zone on March 9th, and again, it was well documented by these cameras. The UW shows a different scenario this time, which has the zone making more of a sweep from north to south, instead of hanging right over the city like the 7th showed. But it's still a great visual example of how the wind shifts from south to north, and how the weather deteriorates right behind it. We featured part of this video on my earlier blog on the 9th but I think now that I've seen it, the 7th's is even better.

Here is the UW March 9 one:

And here is Silverdale:

And, as the original title of this blog suggests, we also had a sundog this week. This was captured on March 12th on the Silverdale camera. It's right at the end of the video about an hour before sunset.

It’s not too brilliant, but you can see the halo in the upper left corner of the image:


Here are some of the other vides from this week:

March 8:

Silverdale: We begin the day with low level wind shear, then watch as it looks like the mountain is erupting, although it's just clouds billowing off the top.

UW: Bubbling cumulus clouds

These next few aren't too exciting since it was basically sunny, but they're here just in case you were curious:)

March 10:



March 11:



March 12:


Have a great weekend!!!