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Seattle now at No. 6 for snowiest winter on record

Seattle now at No. 6 for snowiest winter on record
YouNews contributor "KKittelman" sent in this photo of Seattleites taking advantage of snowy hills.

If it seems like it's snowed a lot this winter, you would be right, alhtough December really skewed things.

Thanks to the snow on March 15, Sea-Tac Airport now stands at its 6th snowiest winter since records begain in 1948 at 23.3" -- just tied with the winter of 1953-4 for the 6th snowiest winter on record.

The unofficial snow season in Seattle runs October 15 to April 15, but usually once we get past mid-March, it's game over. That said, it snowed a half inch in late March and even a trace of snow on April 19th and 20th, so it's not out of the question.

Also, long range forecasts do keep it cooler than normal through the end of the month. We'll see if we can eke out a tiny bit more and break the tie.

Here is the Top 10 chart as of March 16:

67.5 1968-9
63.6 1949-50
27.4  1950-1
26.9 1971-2
24.2 1955-6
23.3 1953-4
23.3 2008-9
22.9 1965-6
21.4 1948-9
20.3 1985-6