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A chilly blowout: Cold beats warm 73-27

A chilly blowout: Cold beats warm 73-27

SEATTLE -- If the jacket seems like it's been a more frequent part of your wardrobe than usual this winter, you would be correct.

UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright found that over the past 102 days -- basically since the big December cold snap began on Dec. 12 -- we have been below normal 73 of those days, with just 27 above normal and a paltry two days at the normal high temperature for the day.

But if you break it down further, you'll realize just how much colder it's been.

Here is a chart of number of days we were above or below normal, broken down by how far we were above or below:

Degrees Below Normal No. of Days Degrees Above Normal No. of Days
-1  6  +1  6
-2  7  +2  4
-3  5  +3  3
-4  7  +4  3
-5  6  +5  3
>-5  42  >+5  8
Total  73  Total  27

*Two days were at normal.

So that means there's really only been 8 true "warm" days over the past three months, while over 40% of the period, or roughly three days every week, has been over 5 degrees colder than normal.

Have to love La Nina :)