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Dance lessons not included in KOMO internships

Dance lessons not included in KOMO internships

A little light-hearted side note for the blog today to catch up on a former KOMO-ite.

Scott Elnes was our weather intern here a few years ago. He's since gone on to become the morning weathercaster (or "weather yeller" as he calls himself) at KTUU, the NBC affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska.

Being on the morning show allows you a little more fun than the more formal evening shows, but take a peek at what he was doing off camera as the station was showing the current Iditarod standings:

(He wants us to also note the mustache is not a permanent feature -- he is growing it as part of a challenge for charity.)

Note to future interns: dance moves are not a pre-requisite, but apparently, they don't hurt :)