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Miss the 60s? Mother Nature has too...

Miss the 60s? Mother Nature has too...
Photo courtesy: Flickr user Shockie

It's been over 40 years since the hey-days of the Beatles, Woodstock and the, it seems was the last time Mother Nature was in the 60s too.

Aside from one 60 degree day on Feb. 4, our last 60 degree reading was November 19th. Normally we've hit 60 a few times in March as we start the climb toward summer, but not so this year.

In fact, looking at long range forecast models, we could get into record territory for the latest first 60 degree reading of the spring.

Here are the top 10 latest dates, from 1894 which includes the old data from the Seattle Federal building, courtesy of Jason Phelps, for a period beginning March 1.

  1. April 27-1917 (longest for Seattle City Office)*
  2. April 18-1945
  3. April 11-1907
  4. April 11-1927
  5. April 11-1954 (longest for Sea-Tac)
  6. April 9-1913
  7. April 9-1935
  8. April 8-1897
  9. April 8-1921
  10. April 8-1957

* 1917 didn't reach 70 until June 13

Running the long range out 16 days doesn't show any big warm ups that would scream a 60 degree high, but there are a couple of days out in the future that look like we might get close. So this is no way a slam dunk to getting on this chart this year, but the odds are decent.

March colder than February?

Of more interesting note is that so far through the 25th, March has actually been colder than February this year, averaging a high of 47.9 degrees versus February's 48.5 degree average.

Now, when I saw that, I was thinking "Wow, that'll be a great statistic for the blog! That stat sounds really rare!"

Then, I looked it up, and believe it or not, a colder March than February isn't all that rare. In fact, since 1948, it's happened 11 times, most recently in 2002. Oh well.

As for coldest March on record, we're at 6th coldest, just a smidge ahead of 1950's 47.94 degrees, which we'll probably fall behind Friday, if not by Thursday. The record is 1955's 46.06 degrees. That is waaaay cooooollll :)

Mea Culpa!

For those who read this blog before 4:15 p.m. Thursday, eagle-eyed commentors pointed out that I missed Feb. 4's 63 degree high temperature. I then went back and read Jason Phelps' research and those dates for latest 60 degree day are starting from March 1. I'm betting that's to weed out the occasional 60+ degree day we get in the winter due to Pineapple Express systems, although the Feb. 4 reading was a bonafide sunny, warm day.  So, sorry about that -- it still points out how chilly it's been, and I'll distract you with our weekly time lapse montage tomorrow morning anyway :)